Jenny Yamada

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Hello, my name is Jenny and I work in web. My background is in Japanese Language and International Studies. I eventually changed gears to study multimedia design and web development. For the past eight or so years I’ve worked at local digital and marketing agencies on B2B and non-profit work.

I’m a thoughtful and resourceful person with a mind for creative problem-solving. I enjoy learning new skills–I recently finished Flatirons School’s Online Web Developer Program curriculum–including (but not limited to) MYSQL, Ruby, Sinatra, Rails, Javascript and Angular 2. Currently, I’m revisiting PHP and WordPress development. Check out some of my projects.

In my spare time I keep busy with arts and crafts like sewing, block printing, dyeing, starting projects that I sometimes blog about (keyword is starting). Yeah, yeah, I got an Etsy shop. I also enjoy taking walks, listening to music, and going to the movies.


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